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Archive for the ‘Research – What Works and What Doesn’t’ Category

Want participation? Reward your workforce!

ISO 45001 states what progressive safety professionals have known for years: Workers need to be fully involved in your entire safety program. From design to implementation and evaluation the more workers participate in the process the better your results will be.

But getting participation isn’t easy. An article in Professional Safety Journal magazine outlines over 20 steps to encourage participation and engagement. Some are obvious, like providing the necessary time and resources to participate, and an “open-door” policy to discuss concerns.

The most effective tool to get and maintain participation is “positive reinforcement”. Positive reinforcement tells your employees: “You matter to us. And we notice and appreciate it when you do the right thing.”

Positive reinforcement is equally effective in making safe behaviors the standard on the job. Training is necessary, but it’s not enough. You have to reinforce safe behaviors so they’re repeated and become the norm. Our SmartCard system increases employee participation while equipping front-line managers with the tools they need to change behavior and make it stick.

You’re able to track reinforcement and participation with precision, transparency and clarity across your organization. The result? A happier, engaged workforce and a more successful organization.

Employee Suggestion Programs

There are common problems with employee suggestion programs that can be avoided. This short video covers the most common employee suggestion program mistakes and what to do about them.

Infographic: Workplace Safety

According to this infographic, over 141 million days are lost due to accidents at work.  Effective behavior based safety incentive programs reward the correct behaviors, which deliver the desired results. Done right, safety incentive programs can have a dramatic impact on productivity and costs.  Learn more about workplace injuries and the most accident prone industries in this infographic.

Workplace Safety Infographic

Workplace Safety Infographic

Infographic: The Happy vs. The Sad Worker

Many employers focus on whether their employees are hard-working or not, but maybe they should be focusing on whether their employees are happy or not in their current position.  Take a look at this infographic to see how your employees emotional well-being can affect their work ethic.

The Happy vs. The Sad Worker

The Happy vs. The Sad Worker

The Value of Thanking Employees

Did you know that over 85% of employees say they never hear the words “Thank You”? Disengaged employees sap your bottom-line profits. Star Performers can rapidly lose hope and give up trying. See why thanking your employees is so important, they’re two little words that can make a big difference in your company!


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