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The Value of Thanking Employees

Did you know that over 85% of employees say they never hear the words “Thank You”? Disengaged employees sap your bottom-line profits. Star Performers can rapidly lose hope and give up trying. See why thanking your employees is so important, they’re two little words that can make a big difference in your company!

The Value of Thanking Employees

The Value of Thanking Employees

National Safety Council Presentation


I am writing to thank you for your presentation on Green Beans and Ice Cream at the NSC Congress and Expo in Orlando. As it would happen I was very close to missing out on your presentation. Your session was the last one on my three day schedule. I had attended four sessions from 0800 – 1730 in the two previous days. Many of these sessions seemed like they were the same safety methodology only given by different presenters. Honestly, I was thinking why do I want to go to one more session to hear the same message that I have heard for the last two days. Because of my conviction to honor my commitment to my employer and fulfill my obligation to my registered itinerary I reluctantly made my way toward the designated room number for the “Green Beans and Ice Cream” presentation. What happened in that room in those ninety minutes changed the way I look at safety programs and methodologies forever. Your methodology and supporting philosophy regarding the transformation of employees behaviors by utilizing positive reinforcement was unlike any of the other sessions that I had attended. This concept was refreshing and your presentation was bold, confident, meaningful and pivotal. I am very thankful that I made the decision that I did and now I am driving the bandwagon of positive reinforcement sharing it with my family, peers and executives along with sharing your YouTube videos to anyone that will watch or listen to me. I have seen several world class keynotes speakers and your presentation ranks among the best.Thank you for sharing such a powerful and uplifting message.


Jim R.
Cooler Services & Facilities Manager

Green Beans and Ice Cream Book

Hi Bill:

Just a short note on your new book. I have truly enjoyed reading it and was thrilled that you included me in Chapter 21. I have made a habit of reading a chapter ever morning before work instead of the news paper and have found reading some good positive behavior improvement stories is a much better way to start the day as opposed to the news paper which only seems to have stories of everything that went wrong the day before. I will continue to reread a chapter a day until you write a new one. Thanks you so much for sending me a copy.
Thanks again
Management Analyst II
DPU / Water Division

National Safety Conference


I just want to reach out to you and let you know that I’ve had a great time speaking with you at the National Safety Conference in Orlando last month. Positive reinforcement works magic, I just love it.
Thank you for opening up my eyes.

Why Recognition Works

Employees say recognition and appreciation is the number one factor in job satisfaction.  Well designed incentive and recognition programs help your employees feel appreciated and they help your company meet and exceed its goals. Recognition helps you hang on to your best employees.


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