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Archive for the ‘Research – What Works and What Doesn’t’ Category

May I have the Darts & Blindfold Please?

“I’m trapped in a self-perpetuating nightmare Bill.”

So began my chat with a safety manager of a Fortune 1000 company. His boss had directed him to implement a safety bingo program. Against his better judgment, he did.


When Behavior Based Safety Fails: Beef Stew and the Verbal Eraser

When I was in Saudi Arabia recently, I asked how many of the 400 managers I spoke with were using a behavioral process. Over 90% said that yes they were, in fact using one of the original systems developed by one of the largest safety consulting firms some 20+ years ago.

My next question: “Would you say that the feedback you give employees when you do observations is mostly POSITIVE or mostly NEGATIVE?”

1 hand went up saying that the feedback was mostly positive.


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