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Positive Reinforcement Works

Green Beans and Ice Cream by Bill Sims Jr.

Green Beans and Ice Cream by Bill Sims Jr.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read your book.

Chapter by chapter the book supports the reality that positive reinforcement works especially in the field of Safety.  It inspires me to look at all interactions differently whether I am at work; with my family or managing my 12 year old’s little league team.
Quick story, since I have learned you like stories.  I inherited (long story) an 11-12 year old baseball team.  There are 5 teams in our league and we played a round robin tournament with the two best teams then playing for a championship.  The first game we had several bad calls.  I reacted by shouting and complaining all negative responses.  We lost 11 – 1 in 4 innings (10 run rule).  This tournament was going on at the same time I was reading your book.  The next night along with the last four games every thought was positive.  If a call was bad I may question but never raised my voice, complained or held the game up.  No matter what occurred I positively reinforced our team “good inning, great play, etc.”  Not only did we win the next three games we one the championship and did it with 8 kids (one on vacation).  Positive reinforcement works and on any level.
Additional comment:
I found your session at the ASSE conference very inspiring and think you are a wonderful speaker.  I would never hesitate to recommend your services to anybody.  I felt after attending your session I had already heard many of the discussions in the book.  Many times people say the book is better than the movie.  I think in this case the book supports the movie (speaker) and movie was much better.  When it comes to “Green Beans and Ice Cream,” I would recommend to people they need to see you in person if that isn’t possible or practical, purchase the book.

The Power of Positive Reinforcement

“Wow, what a great message and workshop! For us, the power of positive reinforcement to change behaviors applies to 3 key initiatives, Safety, Customer Service, and Loss Prevention. Our Managers left your workshop with the tools needed to start changing the behaviors at their locations. We heard nothing but great things from our Managers about your workshop and truly appreciate your time spent with us. ” – HR Manager

I Make A Difference

As we discussed on Tuesday, I gave my “I Make a Difference” ribbon to my wife last week after the Managers Meeting. When I explained the reason for the ribbon is to honor her on how she has stuck by me through thick and thin, always encouraging, never blaming, and giving good advice when I needed it she broke down and cried (and so did I).

Your advice really works!

Thanks for the advice on how to use positive reinforcement with my kids and their allowance.  I’ve just started using your suggestion to pay and praise them immediately for the chores they do.  My 11-year-old son folded all the laundry last night, and I’ve never seen them actually excited about taking the trash out.  Your advice really works!

Safety Pays

From a Webinar Attendee:

I worked for a electric utility several years ago. We had a mechanic who would not wear his safety glasses in the plant. After several warnings he still would not comply. One day I was walking through the shop and noticed that he was beginning to weld so I took his welding helmet and told him that he did not need it to weld. (more…)

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